Your contributions make it possible for the Andy Pilgrim Foundation© to provide new knowledge and cutting edge information to help educate new drivers, parents, middle school children and driver education teachers about the deadly problems associated with distracted driving.

I produce new DVDs and PSAs and donate them to underfunded school districts. Foundation work also consists of Andy engaging in important research and speaking engagements at corporations, driver education teacher conferences, high schools and middle schools.  

Thousands of educational DVDs and PSAs have been donated to high school students, parents and driver education teachers.






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The Parent Driving Zone DVD


The Parent Driving Zone DVD is available now!

Parents Need to Know:

- Parents are teaching children how to drive every time they have their children in the car with them. Children are well aware of how parents drive by at least age 4.

- Research is showing that over 75% of young drivers copy their parents driving behavior and distracted driving choices.  Because of this, these particular young drivers will not be helped in any meaningful way by the few hours of structured driver education.

 - Unfortunate Reality - The Driving Test in the US is too easy.

 - Another Reality - 95% of cars in the US have automatic transmissions, thereby more easily enabling distracted driving.

 - Future Goal - We need to put mobility curriculums in middle schools. Fatalities and serious injuries involving young cyclists and pedestrians are increasing at alarming rates. We should be teaching middle school aged cyclists, skate boarders, pedestrians and others about survival skills such as eye scanning, situation awareness. distracted driving recognition and more.  These survival skills will enable these children to better protect themselves from the current epidemic of distracted drivers. These same survival skills can then be used when their time comes to drive.

 - New Help for Parents - The Parent Driving Zone is a new DVD designed to help parents understand that they are and always will be, the most important and influential person in their children’s driving education.

There are over 2 hours of knowledge and information in The Parent Driving DVD, specifically designed for parents with children of ALL ages. The information is split up into 59 chapters and 18 Sub-Chapters, all easily accessible through the menu.

The Parent Driving Zone is available for ordering.  Thank you for your interest and support.

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Andy Pilgrim Foundation©

The Foundation's mission is to educate new drivers, parents and all adults about the deadly problems  associated with distracted driving.  Driving experts drive distraction free because of what they know.  Education is the key to driving knowledge.

The Foundation provides cutting edge DVDs and PSAs to schools, teachers, parents and new drivers.  We also work with the NHTSA and NTSB to stay up to date on important research developments.  Andy personally spends a lot of time speaking at driver education teacher conferences, high schools and middle schools.

We produced The Parent Driving Zone, Driving Zone 2 ©, educational DVD and several PSAs in 2011.  These cutting edge tools have been requested by driver education teachers in 42 states to be used as supplements, to enhance their mandated curriculums.

FACT: Driving is the only thing that most of us will ever do on a daily basis, that has the potential to kill and seriously injure.

Many state and private driver education curriculums are out of date and there is a gap between education and these often deadly modern driving problems.  The Andy Pilgrim Foundation is doing it's part to help driver education teachers bridge this gap by providing a cutting edge, up to date, DVDs that enhance the teachers mandated curriculums.

It's no secret that driving collisions and crashes are the number one killer of teenagers; there are over 6,000 traffic deaths and 500,000 serious injuries of 13 - 19 year olds that occur every year on US roads. The sad reality surrounding the increase in distracted driving behavior is this; 1 out of every 150 people in the US will now die in automotive related collisions and crashes. 

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About Andy Pilgrim

Andy Pilgrim has been a professional race car driver for over 26 years; Andy has won 5 championships and 62 races so far in his professional racing career. Andy is also founder (1989) and owner of Electronic Computer Services, Inc., a computer consulting company with over 60 employees based in Dania Beach, Florida. Click here to see Andy Pilgrim’s full biography.

A word from Andy...

Distracted Driving is a Choice - Choose Wisely!

I'm using my skills, inventiveness and experience as a professional public speaker, driver education expert and as a professional race car driver to educate new drivers, middle school children and driver education profesional.

I have been speaking in the field of driver education since the mid 1990's.  I believe that cutting edge and targeted education can really help everyone.  I also believe innovative education techniques can help reduce the over 6,000 traffic deaths and 500,000 serious injuries of 13 – 19 year olds that occur every year on US roads.